GAP: Galaxy Amplicon sequencing result analysis Pipeline

This pipeline is used to process raw amplicon sequencing data. Raw data can be uploaded and used to remove sequences from controls and artifacts, sort, trim, and combine sequences, convert sequences to FASTA format, and generate OTU tables.

MAP: Microarray data Analysis Pipeline

This pipeline can be used to upload raw microarray data, process the data (normalization, quality filtering, designate signal cutoffs), and analyze the data. Other types of data can also be used in the pipeline (amplicon sequencing date) for various statistical analysis.

MENA: Molecular Ecological Network Analysis Pipeline

This novel mathematical and bioinformatics framework was developed to construct ecological association networks, referred to as molecular ecological networks (MENs), through Random Matrix Theory (RMT)-based methods. This approach allows automatic definition of the network and is robust to noise, thus providing an excellent solution to several common issues associated with high-throughput metagenomics data analysis.

RDP: Ribosomal Database Project

The Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) provides ribosome related data services to the scientific community, including online data analysis, rRNA derived phylogenetic trees, and aligned and annotated rRNA sequences.