Shipping Protocols

General shipping notes

(1) It is important to avoid delivery delay. Please contact the recipient before you send the samples and avoid arrival during the weekend or any holiday.
(2) Pay special attention to keep the sample label safe. We will have to discard the sample if we cannot identify its label.
(3) Samples should have at least two layers of packaging, e.g. a tube and a sealed bag.
(4) Pack the samples with a sample list, so that we can check upon arrival.
(5) For fresh sludge or mixed liquor, send within 12 hours after sampling and use overnight shipping with enough ice packs.
For frozen sludge/pellets/liquor, use 2-day shipping with enough dry ice.
For DNA in TE buffer, use 2-day shipping with enough ice packs.
(6) Use foam box as cooler, put ice packs or dry ice around and on top of the samples, fill empty space with wadded paper, and use carton box as out packaging. DO NOT SEAL DRY ICE, it may explode when turning to gaseous carbon dioxide.

International shipping notes

The attached file includes detailed notes for international shipping to OU(version 141103). It is highly recommended to consult the shipping company and relevant departments in your institute or country for formal regulations and requirements. A colleague who has sent frozen samples with dry ice to USA is also helpful.