Anaerobic Digester Microbiome Initiative

Overall goal of ADMI

GWMC is initiating the second global sampling campaign for Anaerobic Digester Microbiome in 2018. The overall goal of ADMI is to provide system-level mechanistic understanding of the diversity, distribution, succession, and stability of global anaerobic digester microbiomes using high throughput metagenomic technologies.

Welcome to Join in ADMI

We will greatly appreciate if you are interested in working with the GWMC on its anaerobic digester campaign. Specifically, we ask whether you can collect samples from one or several digesters for one or more timepoints according to the appended protocol. The microbial compositional data of your samples will be available to you free of charge. We also will appreciate it if you can help us to establish connections with other potential collaborators for this sampling project.

Contact: Jizhong Zhou (; Daliang Ning (