Welcome Global Water Microbiome Consortium

The overall mission of this consortium is to provide a platform to facilitate international collaboration and communication on research and education on global water & wastewater microbiome studies.

Since May, 2014

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Under this consortium, various efforts/projects can be initiated, such as municipal wastewater microbiome initiative (MWMI) and anaerobic digester microbiome initiative (ADMI).

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IEG in University of Oklahoma is now carrying out all microbiome analysis for GWMC. Initially, we will seek funding from individual institutions, e.g. Tsinghua University (China), University of Oklahoma (USA).

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Any individual investigators, researchers, laboratories, and institutions who have general interests in water microbiomes may participate in this consortium.

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GWMC forms a steering committee (SC) to ensure that the research activities within GWMC remain the state-of-the-art. Also, an external scientific advisory committee will be established to provide advice on scientific directions and strategic plans for GWMC.


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  • Global sampling campaign for Anearobic Digesters will begin.
  • The first manuscript of GWMC studies will be submitted soon.


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05 Aug

ESA 2018 annual meeting

New Orleans, USA.

Aug 5-10, 2018

12 Aug


Leipzig, Germany

Aug 12-17, 2018

Our Members
Prof. Jizhong Zhou

University of Oklahoma, USA

Prof. Xianghua Wen

Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Tom Curtis

Newcastle University, UK

Prof. Qiang He

University of Tennessee, USA

Prof. Zhili He

Sun Yat-Sen University, China